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2006-02-04 - 8:49 p.m.

Rambling Update

That last entry was three weeks ago but that seems like it might as well be off in a distant star. If I was a student, it would be like last semester-- a time so far away that today is all that matters.
I have been rather quiet for me. That doesn't mean that I haven't been doing tons of things and very social, just that my life seems to be in winter mode while the weather is distinctly not at all the way that winter normally is. Today it was in the 50s. That often happens here and there during the winter in New York-- a relief from the 30s and lower that dominates February and its neighbors.
I started a pottery class last Tuesday that I am looking forward to enjoying over the next few months. I haven't been exsercising the way that I like to. Sometimes exercise becomes this thing I'm frightened of, like calling the dentist for an appointment or filling out a very long form. The difference is that exercising in that formal way (going to the gym, running outside as opposed to walking several miles a day) feels really good when I do it in a way that always makes me feel silly for not doing it sooner.
Today I had some much needed friend time with Lowell in the morning and Eevin this afternoon. I think I'm seeing Ana tomorrow. Last weekend I saw none of them so it was particularly needed and good.
I find myself wanting to do more expensive cultural things like listening to a full orchastra or seeing off broadway productions. I'm not sure what I did exactly with my money recently but I think I've finnally gotten to a really good space with it.
I haven't been going out much and I have been subsidising it with selling off the books I don't need to hold onto. It feels really nice to have something in the bank and knowing that I have a fat tax return on its way.
I made arrangements for a lovely house in Montana for G + I to stay in during early July. I'm missing him something awful the past few days. It won't be that bad since I'll be there in 10 days, not so long. We will be in Tahoe again, which just gets me so excited. Somehow, I got to thinking about how it will be very very long between seeing him in Tahoe and when he comes to NY next-- 6 weeks.
I have managed not to supplement G with any other cute people that I meet but I think that March will be particularly challenging in this rhelm. I think I'll start training for running more races or something like that to channel my energy into something else. The unfortunate thing is that the harder I train, the more sexual I feel. I don't know if anyone has done a study on this, but it certainly is a rather pesky side effect when my lover is 3000 miles away.
Since I am the head of my non-profit organization's running team, I will need to start training again rather soon. Since the weather has been so nice I really have had no excuse but my own disinterest.
So, in summary, I am active but not active enough for my tastes, my boyfriend is amazing but he doesn't have sex with me enough but he has this great 3000 miles excuse, my friends are more busy than me so I miss them more but appreaciate them more when I see them. Does that pretty much sum it up? Well, there is also this job stuff that is very good news and exciting but it is complicated so I won't go into it beyond saying that I get to have EVEN MORE fun at work because I am doing EXACTLY the stuff I love to do now.

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